Ms Linah Muhonja

Ms. Muhonja Linah
KALRO Kandara,
P.O. Box 220-01000, Thika, Kenya
Mobile: +254-(0)702-312-208

Ms. Muhonja is a research officer and the Head of Floriculture Section at KALRO-Kandara. She was previously at KALRO Tigoni for eight years where she oversaw activities in rapid multiplication of potato and flowers. She has worked extensively on potato and flowers with regard to agronomy, crop protection and post-harvest handling. She has acquired skills in ornamental science and landscaping that are key in environmental management and aesthetics.

Ms. Muhonja holds a Master’s degree in Plant Sciences (Wageningen University), with specialization in greenhouse horticulture. She had previously attained BSc in Ornamental Science and Landscaping and a Diploma in Horticulture (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya) and Vegetable production (Asian Vegetable Research Development Centre, Arusha).
Ms. Muhonja has extensive knowledge and experience in horticulture through research having worked as a technical officer and rose through the ranks to a research officer position. Her vast knowledge is in the field of floriculture, Olericulture, greenhouses and landscape designs. She is greatly competent in the design, implementation and coordination of different projects under the specialization, mentoring undergraduate students, provision of technical advisory services to farmers, other researchers, extension officers and other clientele to the organization

Professional affiliation to HAK, ABSF, ISHS