Workshop Rationale and Theme

We are pleased to announce the 16th Workshop on Sustainable Horticultural Production in the Tropics. In this workshop original research and reviews of all topics regarding horticultural production can be presented, including marketing, socio-economic and environmental issues.

The workshop is organized into the following subthemes:

[B1]   Agronomy

[B2]   Crop Protection and Plant Breeding

[B3]   Socio-economic and Environmental Issues

[B4]   Postharvest handling and Quality

There will be a special topic on: Strengthening the experimental research environment with special focus on Laboratory techniques/ methodologies. Laboratory experimentation is critical in horticultural research and therefore the workshop seeks to provide an opportunity for scientists to share experiences on laboratory work. The workshop shall cover various techniques and aspects for the various disciplines. This shall be done during the pre-workshop on November 28th 2016.