There are four (4) categories of membership as listed and described below:

      (i) Ordinary membership

      (ii) Student membership

      (iii) Honorary membership

      (iv) Corporate membership



(i) Ordinary membership is for those engaged in research and teaching of horticultural science(s), or production of horticultural crops or any other activities involving horticulture.

(iii) Ordinary members have a right to vote and can be elected office bearers of the Association.



(i) Student membership is for students enrolled in national universities and institutions of higher learning, awarding degrees, diplomas and certificates in horticulture or related sciences.

(iii) Student members have no right to vote and are not eligible for election as office bearers of the Association.



(i) Honorary membership is for individuals who have made extra-ordinary contributions towards the achievement or furtherance of the goals and objectives of the Association.

(ii) They are nominated by the Executive Committee or any other sub-Committee that may be established for this purpose, and presented for election at a subsequent ordinary Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association.

(iii) Honorary members  have no voting right & shall not be elected office bearers of the Association.



(i) Corporate membership shall be open to societies or organizations and institutions whose goals and objectives are closely related to any aspect of horticulture.

(ii) Corporate membership shall be obtained by application to the Secretary on prescribed forms and subsequent approval by the Executive Committee or any other sub-Committee, which may be established for this purpose.

(iii) Corporate members shall have neither voting rights vote and shall not be elected office bearers of the Association.



(i) Ordinary and Student membership is obtained by completing an application form online and is subject to the approval by the Executive Committee.



(A) Registration fee and annual subscription fees shall be as follows:


Membership Category Registration (KSh) Annual subscription fee (KSh)
(i) Ordinary member 1000 1000
(ii) Student member 500 500
(iii) Corporate member 1000 10000

(B) Registration fee is paid only once upon approval of application while annual subscription is paid annually. At registration therefore amount payable should be registration fee plus one year subscription fee.

(C) All fees shall be subject to review by the Executive Committee from time to time as may well be necessary and must be ratified by the AGM before implementation.



(i) Any member desiring to resign from the Association shall submit his or her resignation to the Secretary, which shall take effect from the date of receipt by the Secretary of such notice.

(ii) Any member may be expelled from the Association if the Executive Committee so recommends and this decision must be ratified by an AGM of the Association and shall be resolved by a two-thirds majority of the members present. Expulsion should be on the grounds that the member’s conduct has adversely affected the reputation or dignity of the Association or has contravened any of the provisions of the constitution of the Association. The Executive Committee shall have the powers to suspend a member from the Association until the next AGM following such suspension. Not withstanding such suspension a member whose expulsion is proposed shall have the right to address the AGM at which his/her expulsion is to be considered.

(iii) Any person who resigns or is expelled shall not be entitled to a refund of his/her subscription or any part thereof or any monies contributed by him/her at any time.