Our Objectives

The Association shall be non-political and non-profit making; its objectives shall be:

(1) To promote horticultural science in Kenya, through the generation, dissemination, and exchange of horticultural information and technology among members.

(2) To promote sustainable and environment friendly horticultural production in Kenya.

(3) To promote exchange of scientific information and technology among members through periodic: (i) Seminars, (ii) Workshops, (iii) Symposia, and (iv) Conferences and Congresses.

(4) To promote capacity building through study, research, training and teaching.

(5) To publish or cause to be published:

                        (i) Proceedings of workshops, seminars, symposia, congresses and conferences

                       (ii) Horticultural periodicals including journals, newsletters and reports

                       (iii) Commentaries and reviews on topical issues in horticulture

                        (iv) Brochures, posters etc.

                        (v) Books, summaries or bibliographies of horticultural research relevant to Kenya.

(6) To promote professionalism in horticulture

(7) To promote the formation of branches for the furtherance of horticulture at local levels

(8) To promote affiliation to regional and international professional societies, and organizations interested in horticultural marketing and environmental issues.

(9) To promote co-operation with national institutions, societies non-governmental and other organizations with vested interests in plant science, horticultural production, marketing and environmental conservation.

(10) To promote utilization of local expertise and resources in horticulture.

(11) To solicit funds for promoting the Association’s activities.