Our Achievements

In line with its objectives, HAK has been involved in various activities, notable of which include:

  1. The Association has published proceedings of her workshop in hard copies and online
  2. The Association has at least 250 members and the number is growing steadily.
  3. The Association has held regular Annual General Meetings since inception.
  4. The Association publishes an international journal named the African Journal of Horticultural Science (ISSN 1998-9326).
  5. The Association has a five year strategic plan
  6. The Association has organized annual workshops successfully since 2000.
  7. HAK is affiliated to the International Society for Horticultural Sciences (ISHS) and it is the contact body to the International Society for Horticultural Sciences (ISHS) for Kenya.
  8. The Association was a joint organizer of the 1st All Africa Horticultural Congress held in Nairobi in 2009.
  9. The Association organized the 1st International Symposium on Ornamentals in Africa held in Nairobi in 2013.